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Available: May 2017 

Pepsi's newest, exciting flavor will only be available for the limited time! Introducing Pepsi Fire – the first Pepsi that starts with refreshingly cool cola and takes your taste-buds to a whole new level with a tongue-warming, mouth-tingling cinnamon finish.

Size: 20oz. bottles, 12oz 12 pack cans



Vita ICE


Available: June 2017

Three new Klarbrunn VitaICE flavors will make their way into the market just before summer kicks off, giving you something new and refreshing to sip on under the sun! Raspberry Citrus, Strawberry Watermelon and Grape Berry will round out the bold flavors of the VitaICE lineup. Each contains zero calories, vitamin enhanced and antioxidants. 

Sizes: 17oz bottles





Available: May 2017

We are the sparkling water for the modern culture. Containing all natural ingredients, and no sugars, sodium, or calories, we sparkle in the purest form. Indulge in the perfect balance of flavor and carbonation at any moment of the day - either straight from the can or over ice. Now available in three new flavors - Blueberry Passionfruit, Cranberry Grape and Cherry Lime.

Sizes: 12oz 12 pack cans 





Available: June 2017

Sparkling fruit juices meet cool coconut water in this refreshing pick-me-up with the right amount of caffeine from green coffee extract to lift your energy—and your spirits.
Try all three refreshing flavors: Peach Passionfruit, Strawberry Lemonade and Black Cherry Limeade

Sizes: 12oz cans







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